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We would love to hear about those small acts of kindness by strangers which have brightened your day and created happiness.

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Acts of Kindness - All

Not strangers but neighbours.  Our road is a cul-de-sac which slopes down to the bottom where we live (well almost at the bottom).  On Sunday after heavy snow we were due at a service about 10 miles away to bid farewell to an old friend who is the local vicar.  We couldn't get our car up the road as we were the first ones around being Sunday morning and the road doesn't get cleared. 

However, an hour later, neighbours were out clearing drives and together the men cleared the road too meaning we could get out.  They didn't necessarily need to get out on Sunday but helped us. Dave also cleared our elderly neighbour’s front completely.  The old community spirit really in evidence then. Jean Pritchard

Whenever you are about to get on a bus and someone gives you their day saver ticket. Such a warm glow to see the big society in action and so save enough pennies to buy a cupcake!  Aaron Twitchen

I walk on crutches and someone recently stopped the car so I could cross the road quietly and in my own time. Sue Dyke

A little note to let you know that I have faith in human kindness after this kind deed.

I lost my house keys - I don’t know where.  I contacted my card protection firm to let them know of this.  I had a key tag attached to my house keys which asked if anyone found the keys to phone a number or post them if found to my card protection firm.

I received a letter on Saturday morning stating that my keys had been posted to my card protection company.  I could not believe this.  How kind of someone to take the time and responsibility of posting them to the address given. How kind is this - and extremely kind act I thought. Isabella Golden

When we first moved to Tenerife our house wasn’t ready to move into.  We were staying in a holiday complex until we could move and that lasted five months.  Holidaymakers kept coming and going around us and we had no friends and were missing family. 

One day we went to church for a residents’ get together and found people there who lived close by.  They made the effort to seek out our apartment and called on us with friends.  I told them we were feeling isolated and they said ‘Well we are here for you now’.  That meant a lot to us that day and these people are still friends 4 1/2 years later.  It was good to know we had people we could ring to ask questions and rely on, in the first years when everything was so strange and unexpected.  Chris Hoban

I hope this counts as it was myself who did the kind deed! (It certainly gave me a nice warm glow for the day.) I was just getting out of my car near work when I heard a voice say "Oh no" and then a faint cry for help. An elderly man out walking his dog had fallen over.

Luckily the dog was very well behaved so I was able to grab its lead, then help up the owner and take them both home. It was a chilly, dark morning so he might have been there for a while if I'd not been in the right place at the right time. (Just by chance I was on the early shift)

After work I called round just to make sure he was ok and he told his wife "This is the lady who saved my life" !! Paula Hewitt

Whilst travelling from Portsmouth to Enfield by rail, my youngest sister and I were coming down a long flight of steps and we both had heavy cases.  

My sister who is 8 years younger than myself was a few steps in front on me when a young man overtook both of us.    He got to the bottom of the stairs, put his case down and turned round and took my sister's case from her and carried it to the bottom of the stairs, put her case down and picked up his own case and disappeared!    Me, well I just continued to go down the stairs where my sister was waiting, and that young man brightened our day with his kindness and we continued on our journey with plenty of chuckles on the way.

Hope this gives you a chuckle too.    By the way I am 65 and my sister said she only felt that age at that time!

Janet Johnson 

What a nice idea - here's one I want to report. Last week, on our fortnightly recycling day, it was blowing a gale - so I didn't put my wheelie bin out, as I have to leave it on a slope and it could have blown into the road. Two days later, when I opened it to put some recycling in, it was empty.  Don't know if it was a neighbour, or the recycle men, who thought to get it emptied for me, but I was so chuffed at that kind thought. C. Powell

Within a week of moving house to Lancashire my husband wrote off my car, but thankfully was unhurt.  I didn’t want my children to see the wreckage and went over the road to ask people then unknown to me if they would just have the children for an hour or so while I went to fetch my husband.


The man over the road scooped my children up and gave them tea along with his own children.  That was such a kind thing to do and one I will never forget.  I will never forget that day even though it happened in 1976 and now my children have children of their own about the ages that my two were then.  Kindness makes the world go round I think. Christine Hoban

A lady kindly giving me a tissue when I got upset in a shop whilst chatting with a friend about my brother who had just been diagnosed with a brain tumour.   She just stopped and give me a nice clean tissue from her handbag.  I really appreciated her act of kindness. Su Williams

One morning I got on to the train heading in to work and my nose began to run. While I frantically searched in my handbag for a tissue I found myself having to sniff (a lot) and tilt my head back just to stop my nose from running down my face....the shame! But my luck was out and all I found in my bag was an empty tissue packet – I started to panic.

However, just at that moment a very kind stranger sitting opposite handed me a tissue, saving me from major embarrassment. Not only that, but they offered me a cold & flu tablet too! Its little things like that, that restore my faith in human kindness. J Samantha Surry