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Acts of Kindness

We would love to hear about those small acts of kindness by strangers which have brightened your day and created happiness.

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He brightened our day with his kindness

Whilst travelling from Portsmouth to Enfield by rail, my youngest sister and I were coming down a long flight of steps and we both had heavy cases.  

My sister who is 8 years younger than myself was a few steps in front on me when a young man overtook both of us.    He got to the bottom of the stairs, put his case down and turned round and took my sister's case from her and carried it to the bottom of the stairs, put her case down and picked up his own case and disappeared!    Me, well I just continued to go down the stairs where my sister was waiting, and that young man brightened our day with his kindness and we continued on our journey with plenty of chuckles on the way.

Hope this gives you a chuckle too.    By the way I am 65 and my sister said she only felt that age at that time!

Janet Johnson